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The loss of even a single tooth can certainly have long-term effects on your overall oral health and the aesthetic appearance of your smile. It is crucial to faithfully maintain good oral hygiene and regular dental check-ups in order to avoid any extraction of teeth if possible. However, in spite of every effort by yourself and your dentist, it may still be necessary in some situations to extract one or more teeth. These situations include the following:

In situations such as these, the dentist may advise you to have a badly affected tooth extracted. He will take x-rays in order to have as much information about the tooth as possible during the extraction. In extreme cases of difficulty, he may refer the extraction to an oral surgeon.

While it may be expected to experience some amount of pain and discomfort during and after an extraction, a skillful dentist using effective techniques can greatly reduce the level of pain. The use of ice packs on the face at regular intervals of 15 minutes can provide much relief, and your dentist will likely prescribe a pain killer.