Clear Aligner

What Are Clear Aligners, and When You May Need Them?

Clear aligners are used to align your teeth and keep them in a position t give you a better smile. They are a better alternative to the traditional bracelets and are preferred by many adults and teens as they conceal that you are undergoing dental treatment. Unlike bracelets, they are clear and look like your teeth, making it hard for anyone to notice any difference in your teeth’ appearance except that they will look better. The following are the benefits of using clear aligners for your dental treatment.

1. Visibility

The best thing with clear aligners is that they are invisible and improve your smile without the clunky metal wires and bracelets. They are the best option for teenagers trying to fit in with their peers or adults spending most of their time giving public speeches.

2. Flexibility

Clear aligners are removable, and you can remove them and keep them in small carrying cases any time you feel like removing them. They also allow you to eat any food of your choice. Unlike metal bracelets, you have to forgo certain foods when you are wearing them.

3. Normal Life

Clear aligners help you lead a normal life compared to other bracelets where your partner may hit a hard metal while kissing you. Clear aligners will not let you go through any embarrassing moment, even when you want to be intimate with your partner.